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Social Media Campaign Strategy | 2020 | United Airlines

My team and I conducted a social media listening report to develop a mock campaign strategy with strategic recommendations for United Airlines. We utilized social media listening tools, specifically Nuvi to research the company and industry. We completed a social media audit of United Airlines to better understand its current online presence and how it interacted with other users. This involved reviewing the company’s website and social media profiles on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The social media audit also included examining competitors’ social media presence in an effort to draw comparisons and develop improvements to existing social media strategies. By reviewing the information presented by various tools, we successfully analyzed how the brand interacted with consumers, in what various ways they interacted, the types of users stimulating conversations about them, and the potential in the marketplace that United Airlines could build upon. We then utilized that data to create a sample campaign strategy that the brand could implement along with strategic recommendations.  Including the improvement of consistency across each platform used for advertisement purposes. Its posting frequency and the tone of posts responding to customers online were very inconsistent. Another recommendation was to increase the use of hashtags and call-to-action links to boost exposure and engagement.



Family Engagement Study | 2021 | Face to Face NPO

The purpose of this study was to gather information on family engagement issues our client was facing and advise on potential solutions. By conducting a zoom call with the program director, my team was able to determine specific research needs by better understanding the organization’s function and program offerings. We then designed a mix-method study to assess the nonprofit’s impact on its beneficiaries. Through conducting in-depth interviews we were able to identify and evaluate the needs of beneficiaries and engage in thematic analysis. We also constructed and programmed a survey using Qualtrics where we then implemented a data collection plan to obtain questionnaire data. After analyzing the quantitative data using SPSS, we presented our findings and provided strategic recommendations to our client, Face to Face. These conclusions and recommendations included increasing information updates via text and email with parents, implementing one-to-one meetings 1-2 times a month with parents, and developing a uniform website for Mercy Preschool that releases announcements for workshops and events hosted by the Family Engagement Program.

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Turkey Tuesday - Thanksgiving Event

Sample social media Stories

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